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The Association of Tour Operators of Quebec (ATOQ) represents some of the most respected companies operating in the Quebec travel market. Our members focus on outbound travel and offer organized tours as well as individual travel departing  Quebec towards international, USA and Canadian destinations.

The ATOQ is a non-profit organization in operation since 2002. The role of the ATOQ is to represent the interests of its members with the many different players in the travel business such as the different Government authorities, service suppliers, media outlets and the general public. An important part of the work of the ATOQ is also to work in concert wherever possible with other Associations and Organizations representing other members in the travel distribution network.​​

Association of Tour Operators of Quebec
International Events Calendar
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Membership Forms

You can contribute to positive changes by joining the ATOQ.

There is a membership category for active tour operators and also affiliate members so that everyone can contribute to the improvement of our industry. Your membership in the association does not commit you to anything other than that of the cost of membership which delivers benefits.


The files are numerous; credit card fraud; the impact of the obligation of result for us in the courts; our participation on the OPC Advisory Committee; credit card processing fees; reduction of the sums requested in guarantee by the credit card processing companies.


We need the support of everyone, as the projects are important and affect all tour operators in the industry. If we unite, we are able to make a clear progression and make changes; it is together that we have power.

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