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March 29 2019: PAX News

Fraud prevention Month: What does the future hold? more

March 21 + 25 + 27  2019: Quick Presse

Fraud Prevention Month: Fraud survey ...complete the 10 questions

March 19 2019: PAX News

Fraud prevention Month: How agents can protect themselves against faulty credit more


March 15 2019: PAX News

Fraud prevention Month: Speak up, report more


March 14 2019: Quick Presse

Fraud Prevention Month: How to protect yourself....see list

March 7 2019: Quick Presse

Fraud Prevention Month: Tips to avoid fraud....see list

March 6 2019: PAX News

New task force by ACTA, ATOQ & CATO cracks down on credit card more

February 14 2019: ACTA Newsletter

Joint Travel Industry Led 3DS Task Force more

February 11 2019: Pax News

New joint task force formed to fight industry more

February 7 2019: Canadian Travel Press

Task Force Formed to Fight Credit Card Fraud..ACTA, ATOQ, CATO Join more



December 20 2018: OpenJaw

Grinch Repellent...Travel agent associations ACTA & ATOQ want travel advisors to know that the holiday season is a dangerous time for more

November 13 2018: ATOQ, ACTA and CATO working together to fight fraud

ATOQ and ACTA, in cooperation with CATO, have been advocating for solutions and we are glad to announce that IATA has released a testing schedule which will allow a solution to be available in the later part of 2019. Read the full advisory


October 2018 : How to protect yourself

List of publicly available tools that travel agents can use to protect against fraud.... read more

September 2018 : Tips to avoid fraud

Checklist for travel agents to use in order to lower their risk of fraud.... read more

May 9 2018 : Full survey results

These survey results clearly show the fraud challenge travel agents are facing on a daily
basis.... read more

May 7 2018 : PAX News

Air tickets behind 78% of fraud, ATOQ says ... read more

May 4 2018 : ACTA Press Release

What’s the Dish on IATA’s DISH 23.0? Is there finally a solution on the way for our airline ticket fraud and chargeback debit memo problem?... read more

March 28 2018 : PAX News

What does the future have in store? ... read more

March 28 2018 : CBC News

Travel agency associations issue warning about credit card transactions after a spike in fraudulent cases... read more

March 20 2018 : PAX News

Fraud Alert - 100% responsibility: Have you ever heard people saying: Why do I have to pay? You are the one who accepted the credit card!... read more

March 13 2018 : PAX News

Fraud Prevention Month: why speaking out matters... read more

March 08 2018 : PAX News

March is Fraud Prevention Month. The travel business is constantly exposed to the dangers of fraud. ... read more





April 07 2017 : PAX News

Fraud : Seeking Solutions. When the Association of Tour Operators of Quebec (ATOQ) saw the need to tackle the issue of fraud, we were happy to find that the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) shared the same concerns and... read more

March 28 2017 : PAX News

Fraud: Horror Stories. Even if you get hit with fraud just once in your business career, the results can be devastating... read more

March 22 2017 : PAX News

Fraud: Report It! All of a sudden, you receive a chargeback from a tour operator, consolidator or an airline; the reason? Fraudulent or unauthorized use of a credit card you provided... read more

March 14 2017 : PAX News

100% responsible. Have you ever heard people saying: Why do I have to pay? You're the one who accepted the credit card!... read more

March 03 2017 : PAX News

Protect yourself: Most people are honest, so as simple as it sounds, your best protection is to know your client, and I mean... read more

March 01 2017 : PAX News

A closer look at travel industry fraud: March 2017 marks the 13th anniversary of Fraud Prevention Month. Fraud is a problem which affects us all and unfortunately, the amount of fraud is growing every day. Even worse... read more

January 20 2017 : Travel Industry Today

APPOINTMENT: Eric Johnston, named GM of ATOQ... read more


January 20 2017 : Open Jaw

ACTA Works With Partners On Growing Issue Of Fraud... read more

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