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Affiliate Members

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Become a member

Membership in the Association of Tour Operators of Quebec is open to all companies who meet the following requirements;


Membership criteria


  1. Meet the definition of a tour operator as described below;

    1. Organize travel for groups or individuals

    2. Purchases separately air or ground transportation, accommodation, services; transfers in destination, baggage handling, a representative

    3. Sells all inclusive, i.e. package and / or F.I.T.

    4. Sells a minimum of 33% of its business volume through the travel agency distribution network

    5. Minimum three years of uninterrupted activity as a Tour Operator with no substantive changes in ownership or management. Membership must include all brands operated by the same parent company;

      No history of bankruptcy, fraud or offenses for at least 3 years;

      Be in compliance with all laws, hold a business registration number, a license issued by the OPC, and maintain current the listing of advisors' certificates at all times​


Affiliate Members:

If you are a company involved in the travel business, we would welcome your support as an affiliate member.





Membership Benefits

  • The ATOQ is the only organization, representing the interests of the tour operator community, which is officially recognized by the Quebec Government.

  • The members of the Executive of the ATOQ are senior managers of Quebec tour operators and are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

  • The ATOQ has a two permanent seats on the Advisory Board of the Office de la protection du consommateur (« OPC »).

  • The ATOQ is able to provide input and direction that can help shape changes to the travel legislation and trust account requirements (FICAV) which affect all companies operating in Quebec.

  • The ATOQ engages with regional, national and international organizations to ensure that the interests of tour operators are properly understood by organizations such as IATA, the Canadian Bankers Association and the credit card processors.

  • The ATOQ serves as a platform where wholesalers can discuss and develop solutions to problems facing us all.

  • The ATOQ has a dynamic Executive team, support by a dedicated General Manager, who meet regularly to advance the priority files of the Association.

Current projects undertaken by the ATOQ

  • Working with the various parties to reduce the need for the credit card guarantees imposed by the various merchant processors. Working closely with the OPC to modernize the FICAV so that the funds can be used to cover claims by credit card holders

  • We have initiated a new long tern project with the objective of improving the tour operators  success rate when defending cases claiming compensation based on jurisprudence concerning “Obligation de Resultat”

  • Ongoing discussions concerning the future of the tour operator channel and the behaviour and changes in buying habits of consumers.



 Fraud Prevention

  • Forming a common front to combat fraud

  • Creation of a joint working group to develop fraud prevention tactics

  • Membership in PROFIT, a travel industry organization in the UK with more than 10 years of success in reducing fraud



There are many projects to tackle and it is only by working together that we will be able to influence change for the benefit of our industry


Become a member of ATOQ and benefit from your participation!

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