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Bring together the tour operators, wholesalers and travel consolidators of the outbound sector in a professional association to promote and elevate the prestige of the profession.


To promote the technical advance of the profession of travel tour operators, as well as the common interests of the members and, for these purposes, to make representations to the government authorities, the news media and the general public, of a nature so as to allow the achievement of the goals of the association.


Encourage the realization of collective projects intended to increase the well-being of the members, and to assure that these same members play a more important role in the economy of the province of Quebec.


Facilitate, through the organization of seminars and congresses, contacts between members, as well as with the public, similar regional and foreign associations, governments and other organizations.


Represent the tour operators on the OPC's advisory committee, with regard to the application of the law and regulations related to travel agents, as well as the management of the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agencies, in order to provide the traveling public with the greatest possible financial protection at the lowest cost.


Exercise a supervisory role over members, formulate a code of ethics, and thus grant the traveling public certain guarantees of integrity.

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